Oggy “The Friendly Dragon”

A Hot Air Balloon with Character

Fun Facts
  • Was made by Aerostar Industries in the United States
  • Born in the summer of 1996
  • Stands 143 feet tall
  • Cubic volume is 173,000
  • Fabric alone weighs 900 lbs
  • Was named by the original owner, in 1996. Oggy was named for a mythical Canadian dragon, Ogopogo
  • Has been to most major US balloon events. Has been overseas at international events in Scotland, England, and Japan.
  • Has appeared multiple times in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and will be returning this year for the 2012 show.
  • He takes a crew of 3 to launch, but a crew of 6 to recover.
Oggy has been entertaining crowds for balloon shows for over 15 years. He has always been a crowd favorite for his massive size, and friendly smile. He is also able to help event organizers attract folks to their shows to see this very unique balloon. He is capable of carrying a sponsor’s banner on his belly to help organizers recoup their costs of their event, as well.

At events major sponsors can have their custom banner on Oggy, along with many other promotional tools, like sponsor shirts or trading cards. Oggy’s picture would appear on the front and sponsor information would appear on the back. Our ground crew would help in the distribution of the cards and sponsor literature.

Oggy stands very tall over normal balloons and is a focal point at the evening balloon glows, making him an easy headline standout for the event and sponsor. He is also a big hit with local media. Oggy can also be flown over areas prior to an event to help attract more attention leading up to the event.

Please contact Jack at Indy Hot Air LLC, at pilot@Indyhotair.com for more information on this unique balloon, or to book Oggy at your event.