Things To Remember Before You Fly

1) Dress in comfortable clothing that you can climb in and our of the basket, with shoes that keep your feet dry in the early morning dew.

2) Dress in clothing that is weather appropriate for current conditions. The temperature on the flight is no more than 2-4 degree's from the ground temperature. We move with the wind so there is no wind chill.

3) Check your camera, have fresh batteries and new film, or an empty digital card.

4) Use the restroom before flight, once we get going it could be a few hours before you have access to one again.

5) Family and friends are more than welcome to come chase along with our crew, make sure we have their cell phone number. Make sure they drive according to all state motor vehicle laws.

6) Please download and print the passenger briefing document before the flight.

7) Please read and sign our waiver before the flight.

This is a once in a life time event, that we look forward to sharing with you.